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Just a reminder that half the content I’ve been creating for my YouTube channel will be Patron-Only after Aug 31.

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In Depth Tutorials, Previews of Upcoming Work/ Projects, Art Product Reviews, Concept To Completion Videos, Your Choice of Tutorial or Topic, Live Hangout, Advice on Your Artwork, Art Bookmarks & Postcard Prints, and Customized Items. There’s also a Gift Box for long term Patrons!

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Here are a few more bits of content from my channel.

Here’s where you can purchase prints and other goodies of this latest piece!

Sell Art Online

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Latest Tutorials & More

I have some tutorials I uploaded last week, as well as some new art, and a quick Game of Thrones fanart timelapse.

The latest from my fantasy offerings is The Egg Maiden, featuring two hatching bearded dragons. I enjoyed doing the lava lamp effect around the eggs.

Art Prints


I also had some bookmarks made from an earlier bearded dragon piece I did of my own dragon. They are available for my $5-$10 Patrons on Patreon.




Last week I spent time filming what ended up being a 3-part tutorial on how to draw a turtle shell. The entire thing ended up being an hour long, so I had to cut it down to smaller pieces to render the movie files. I do think it is more digestible for viewers in smaller bits, so that ended up alright.



And then finally, a pencil drawing of Drogon from Game of Thrones.



I will also be making reviews on products and services related to art weekly. I will post the first few for the end of this month, then they will only be available through my Patreon page. If you want to receive this content in the future, you can become a Patron of mine here

The Benefits For My Patreon Community

In keeping with my online marketing, I have been posting about once a week while maintaining a presence on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. I want to cement this effort into a platform where I can finally do what I truly love, while creating something unique for others to enjoy.  I will be posting more of my newer work as I finish it. It’s not just art I’ll be making. I will be making a few types of content for my Patrons, and I would love to have some of my followers on this blog to check out what I have to offer. I’m creating free content until the end of August, and then about half of it will become exclusive to Patrons only.

Visit my Patreon or my YouTube channel for new content every few days.

To show the benefits of becoming a Patron, I’ve listed what you’ll get or have access to at each level.

      $1 or more per month
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  • Advice & tips on your own artwork/ drawings
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Free VS Paid Content

  • Free content will include :
  • Simple Tutorials (Quick Techniques For Drawing In Graphite/ Colored Pencil)
  • Photos of Completed Work
  • Time Lapse Videos
  • Inside Look At How I Gather & Use References
  • Videos/Photos Highlighting Reptiles, Responsible Ownership & Conservation
  • Nature Walks/ Wildlife Videos


Paid content will include :

  • In Depth Tutorials (More Focus On Details, Textures & Animal Drawing Studies)
  • Inside Look At Concept To Completion
  • Photos of Works in Progress & Sneak Peeks At Upcoming Art/Projects
  • Product Reviews (Art Supplies, Etc.)
  • Content Highlighting What Inspires Me
  • Physical Rewards (prints, postcards, etc.)
  • Advice On Your Own Art & How To Use Materials
  • Downloadable Images & Photos



I have more work on my plate, but I’ll post back when I’ve got some more goodies. Stay tuned.


PS: Here’s a peek at something nearly done!

A Wind Of Lizards (preview)
Quick peek…





Timelapse Videos & Tutorials

I’ve been busy filming time-lapse videos with my phone via an app called Lapse It, and really enjoying what can be done with it. It does eat up memory, and I ended having to store the video files on Google Drive because they are too big to send to my PC through email. They are well worth the trouble just to see a half an hour of work sped up to a minute or two.  Below are the two I’ve made so far.


I’m beginning to understand the importance of lighting and camera batteries as I’ve started my dive into make tutorials. I had to order a new battery (which no store near by carries) for my digital camera after the old one failed to hold any charge. Thankfully, my lighting situation is solved by having my desk set up near a window for natural daylight, and I have a decent lamp with an extendable arm. I also bought a tripod to hold my camera, and occasionally my phone, for proper filming.

Here are a few tutorials I’ve made.

I will be creating more tutorials as time goes on, as well as other video content related to my art, reptiles & the things that inspire me.

Thanks for stopping by!

My Patreon is Now Live!

Finally got the last few details in, and officially launched my page. I will be offering free content for the first two weeks to give people a chance to see what I will be producing. Right now, the videos may not be top notch but I intend to improve that as I go along.

I would love if you would join me in this venture!

My first piece of content is just a basic overview of the tools and supplies I use.


Here is My Patreon. Check it out, and please know that I’m definitely open to feedback and ideas if you have them. Leave any thoughts in comments below.




Putting The Word Out

I have yet to officially publish my Patreon page, but it shouldn’t be long before it’s ready. Here is my introduction video to get you familiar with the ideas behind what I’m doing. I will post the link when ready soon. Keep your eyes on this spot.

Some Of My Favorite Artists

Before I get to some of the artists I enjoy, I wanted to let everyone know that I’m building a Patreon for my work. My goal is to provide more interactive content than I can provide with just a blog, as well as other perks that come with membership. I’m working out the details now, but I will be aiming to offer something unique for people who offer support. I will post as soon as things are ready to launch, so please keep a look out.

In the meantime, I wanted to make time to share the work of other artists that I admire. A great deal of art types has influenced me over the years, and also mystifies me in how they are created. I can’t imagine how long it must take to complete some of these pieces, but they were all well worth the effort.

Josephine Wall’s artwork is both mesmerizing and inviting in a way that draws you in to every detail. I have a calendar with her work in it, and I’m hoping to get another for next year. Not only are there a myriad of animals, but often gorgeous environments and mythical gods and goddesses.

Out of respect to the artist, I will not post images here, since I see no disclaimer stating whether or not it’s permitted.

However, Alex Ries has been one of my favorites on Deviant Art for a few years now. I absolutely love science fiction, and the artwork and concepts this artist creates are truly and wonderfully alien. Please check him out here

This amazing 3D experience was created by Android Jones. It is some of the most intricate work made using software. It’s a combination of drawing with three dimensional elements blended. It is psychedelic and spiritual in nature, so don’t be too surprised if you get a chill when watching the video. There are prints, apparel, tapestries & holograms available through his site here

Masamune Shirow’s “Ghost in the Shell” manga will forever be one of my favorite pieces of artwork. I own most of the issues released by Dark Horse back in the 90’s. I bought them around 1996 when I was about 14, and the concepts and details of this story have stayed with me ever since. The animated movie is also another great masterpiece which sticks faithfully to the source material. I loved Shirow’s style, and cherished the few full color pages that graced each issue. The black and white illustrations are also beautiful, and even the silly slapstick moments between characters draws you in. It makes me really appreciate the artist’s humor breaking through in those scenes, especially in something of such serious subject matter. Aside from the visual end, it’s definitely the idea of redefining what it is to be human that appeals to me so much.

Related imageRelated image


I got an art book by Boris Vallejo  & his wife Julie Bell on a whim at a Barnes & Nobles many years ago, and I was quite impressed by their work. I believe they both do mostly fantasy work, and use oil paints. I love the realism and detail in the work, and the use of vibrant color. You can visit their site here

Image result for boris vallejo mermaid

Related image


Until next post, see you later.

Newest Turtle Artwork & Videos

I recently finished up two 8″ x 10″ pieces of two North American species, and have made drawing process videos of them as well. When looking at the average algae covered pond turtle, it’s easy to forget just how colorful some of them can be. The Wood Turtle is a great example of that, with their bright orange skin. So too are Spotted Turtles, with orange to peach scaling on their front legs, and many pale yellow spots.

I wanted to capture these two turtle species in their native habitats, so they are as described below.

The Wood Turtle is not strictly aquatic, often venturing out on land half of the time. However, in the artwork I have one swimming through a creek (or river) accompanied by a small school of minnows. A stand of trees in the woods shows just at the water’s surface.

The Spotted Turtle swims under aquatic plants and their hanging roots. The water is shallow and tinged yellow with tannin from dead and decaying trees.

Here are the process videos!

And here are the links where you can shop for products made with these pieces printed on them!

Sell Art Online

Photography Prints

I’ve developed a soft spot for turtles over the years, from both becoming enamored with local pond residents and rescuing injured or disoriented turtles. I now have two of my own as part of my family. Both were adopted from the Mid-Atlantic Turtle & Tortoise Society, whom I connected with through the wonderful Turtle Forum. Through them I learned about just how many turtles are abandoned and cast off as if throwaway items. I also learned how unique and personable turtles can truly be. No, they are not animals who are soft and cuddly, nor do most of them care for much handling. But they do interact with their owners, they have favorite foods, and some even enjoy a good shell scratch (They do get itchy, especially during a growth spurt). There are even some who actually want to be pet, or held, but it depends on the turtles disposition.

I have also met wonderful people who love them just as I do, and have expert knowledge on their care. A pet turtle or tortoise is a serious consideration as a pet, not just in terms of care, but also in longevity. Some are capable of outliving their owners, especially tortoises.

So, in appreciation of my artwork, I hope that people will also see the importance of the species depicted, both wild and captive, whether they be pets or wildlife that needs protection.

Here is a list of some great links about turtles. Stay tuned for more!




My Depression

I can remember a sense of self hatred from when I was still a young child. I had no idea where it had come from or why, but simply felt this worthlessness from within myself. I believe there were several contributing factors to me developing depression at a young age, not fitting in with my peers chief among them. I suppose that’s why I found such a connection to the natural world in order to compensate. Throughout school, I would easily drift off to some other world with fantastical creatures.

It’s not hard to began believing that you don’t belong in the world you were born in, when your own mind can create such a better alternative. It wasn’t just the drifting off, or the lack of belonging that lead to severe depression, though they are big contributors. My brain had, and to some level still, has chemical imbalances or even genetic predisposition to function this way. I’ve heard many creative people suffer from depression and other serious mental health issues, and it seems to be the double edged sword to our being. That’s not to say other people with different talents don’t suffer just as much, they do.

The familiar misery is has an almost addictive, strangely comforting quality, especially when you have failed at some new task. The usual barrage of things you tell yourself are on you like a demon that’s just jumped on your back. “You’re not good enough”, “You don’t belong here”, “You’ll always be a failure at everything”. They may not sound like the ugliest insults, but when it’s your own mind is attacking you, it’s personal.

In my younger days, I was suicidal. I never truly attempted it, but the despair and intent were definitely there. It took a while before doctors found the right drug to finally help me get through this period, along with a psychologist that helped me as well. I’m also grateful to my parent for sticking with me during that time, as watching their daughter go through something like this had to be an absolutely horrible experience. I was lucky for that alone. It’s also of note that trying to eat healthier and exercising regularly have helped me, even if I slack off for a day or two. Simply going for a brisk walk when something sets me off has helped before.

The endless self doubt, and self inflicted dehumanization has left me physically tired on more than one occasion. Only when I’ve calmed the anger at myself can I try and sleep it off. It leaves me feeling guilt for upsetting the people around me, even though my intended target was only ever myself. Thankfully, I have people in my life that care enough about my well being to know that I am hurting myself. It comes and goes in waves, and with positive or negative experiences through the years. While I am on an antidepressant that helps me, the dark part of me is still hidden in the back of my mind to strike. It is much less severe now than in my adolescence, but still a presence I have to be aware of. It doesn’t matter what you do, mental illness is not something that just goes away.

I know this isn’t a cheerful thing to talk about, but as someone who’s experienced it, I know it needs to be talked about. Even in most of my personal life I don’t really share much of this information, but here on this blog I feel strangely more at ease to share it. I have had people leave me in the dust when I confided in them with this sort of thing before, so I suppose that’s why I’m hesitant to do it person currently unless it’s brought up. Unfortunately, there are people who have no empathy for those who suffer with depression, and see them as pathetic or crying out for attention. Nobody wants their own mind to be waiting in the rafters to attack them at every turn, nor d they ask to feel despair simply for the sake of attention. Feeling guilt for the way I feel and not speaking up about it should be enough to say that I didn’t ask for this.

I want to thank everyone who stops by and reads, likes, and follows this blog. I’m grateful to be able to bring you this content, and look forward to building on from that. Building content not just about the artwork I create, but also about my life and the things that I’m passionate about.

I will return with more art videos shortly!