YouTube Channel Updates & New Work

I’ve been working on improving the youtube channel, and recently learning to make better, more eye catching thumbnails. The keywords are more tricky, and peoples’ interest are always fickle.

I’m maintaining the style of fantasy, women, and reptiles, which seems to attract a decent amount of attention. I haven’t really seen anything else quite like what I’m doing. Women and dragons are another route to take every so often. Can’t go wrong with dragons.

As I type this, I have my bearded dragon soaking in his designated tub while I’m updating things online. My desk is also a mess, with two new artworks on top of each other, bills near by, an open package of batteries, and color pencils and tools spread everywhere.You can also see where I’ve utilized one of my reptile clamp-lamp fixtures as a spotlight for my videos. I usually have it attached to the tripod for filming, but has the habit of falling if not clamped on properly.

Despite my potentially dangerous workspace, I have managed to make a few decent new videos. Here are the latest.


And I have new products coming this week that will be available through my Etsy shop. They will be 11″ x 17″ art posters of some of the best pieces in my collection. I will update as soon as they come in.



New Projects

After having taken a break from colored pencil illustrations (or having a block that lasted months), I’m getting back into the swing of being artistic.

Taking plenty of photos of local wildlife and places has helped me build a set of ideas to work from.

Starting a piece on 14″ x 17″ bristol board, and the subject is pelicans. I managed to get some great shots of them while they were waiting below a local pier waiting for scraps from fishermen.

Here’s the start of it, just pencil outlines of the birds so far.






And a snapshot of my work desk.

That’s it for now. 🙂





Hello to all who may find their way here. I am Angela, and I also happen to be an artist. I work in colored pencils for illustrations, and polymer clay for my sculptures. Thus the name “Pencils and Clay”.

I have been creative since the age of five, and now at 28, I am trying to become a self employed artist. I know the road is hard, but I believe that I should be what I am and do what I seem to have the best skills at. I’m actually tired of trying to be anything else, because it just doesn’t seem to work out very well.

I will be posting more about the processes of my work, materials involved, and much more soon. This is just the first short introductory entry, so hardly the last. 🙂

If I have peaked your interest in what I do, please visit

Thank you for visiting and feel free to stay tuned!

~ Angela DeRiso