Happy New Year!  Here’s to hoping everyone meet their goals for this year!

Among the gifts I got this Xmas, were giftcards for certain chain stores, or ones that I have free reign to spend where I like. Books are one of my favorite things to buy, and I can’t do this too often or I go broke. Those costs add up. However, through Barnes & Nobles, you have the option of buying used books for very reasonable prices. As low as $1. It was this method I used to buy some science fiction classics I have yet to read. There are two books relating to the subject of biology; One on Coyotes in America, and the other on the cognitive abilities and otherwise fascinating info on octopuses.

Here is the stack of them.


I will be posting reviews of these books over on my writing blog here – https://lynnderiso.wordpress.com/

I have been continuing my videos on YouTube now focusing on each artwork I work through. I show timelapses of the stages of drawings, highlighting, shading, and coloration of a subject.

I’ve not done as many tutorials lately, but will be doing some when I can incorporate them as I work on each piece.

Here are the latest videos!  Check them out, and if you’d be so kind, like the videos and subscribe to my channel. I thank you for watching.


Here is the new work!

“Blue Nova”

colored pencil drawing sketch turtle reptile
Blue Nova

Buy prints and other products of this artwork at the links below:

Society6 – https://society6.com/product/blue-nova-turtle-colored-pencil-drawing_print?sku=s6-8530426p4a1v45

RedBubble – https://www.redbubble.com/people/angeladeriso/works/29897931-blue-nova-turtle-colored-pencil-drawing?asc=u&grid_pos=13&p=art-print&rbs=15b84546-6a7f-4567-976e-c7bc0b48b4e4&ref=artist_shop_grid

Fine Art America – https://fineartamerica.com/featured/blue-nova-angela-de-riso.html


I have more art to work on, so keep a lookout for more videos and artwork shortly!


New Fantasy Artwork, and Updated Portfolio Page

The portfolio page has been updated with several new wildlife pieces, so go check it out if you like. The new entries include birds, turtles, and a few big cats.

In the meantime, I have completed some fantasy pieces recently, which I still do on occasion. These are mostly done in graphite pencil, since I try to save my color pencils for the wildlife work.

The idea of illustrating the alien creatures/characters from Neal Asher‘s novels had me busy. I went ahead and smashed out the ferocious ‘Hooder’. Technically, they are bio-mechanical war machines made by an ancient alien race. Very millipede-like, but the hood, or front end, is absolutely brutal. It cuts, slices, and damn-near dissects its prey alive when eating. I doubt if I added enough ‘manipulators’ under that hood, since the descriptions in certain scenes make it seem like they are numerous.

The Hooder
The Hooder

After reading Dark Intelligence and War Factory, I had to do a sketch of Riss, the war drone. She accompanies one of the main characters on his journey. She is feisty, and designed to resemble a certain alien parasite(that also just so happens to resemble a Terran snake species.).




This was done after viewing many a beautiful stempunk clothing designs, and goggles. I like the idea of a lone desert drifter female with weird lizard companions. I used a photo of a Mexican Alligator Lizard as reference for the little buddy on her shoulder. A few photos were referenced for pieces of clothing as well. I do love the corsets. Need to try more steampunk themed artwork.

SteamPunk Lizard Wench
SteamPunk Lizard Wench


This one I worked on for a while, especially when trying to get the face right. The idea behind it was of a deity associated with crows/ravens. Decided to make her blonde instead of dark haired as would be expected. Ram horns were used as reference for texture, and light/shadows. A lot of shading went into the crows feathers/body. The background winding pattern is partly my attempt to fully fill the page, and add something to set the main subjects against instead of just blank space.

Rabble 11" x 14"
11″ x 14″
Face Close-Up
Face Close-Up
Crows Close-Up
Crows Close-Up


That’s it for the time being, as I toil away at yet more work to be done.