Eastern Bluebirds 11″ x 14″ A mated pair of bluebirds (female in back, slightly more drab) hanging out in a dogwood tree full of pink flowers. I’d been wanting to do another pair of songbirds since I did the cardinals, so bluebirds were my first choice. I also knew I wanted pink flowers of some kind to compliment the blue plumage. The background is a muted blur of foliage. The first time I ever caught sight of a bluebird, it was a flash of brilliant blue at a bird feeder from far away. the only time I saw these birds up close was from a window near a birdhouse. While watching a female bring insects to a birdhouse where her chicks were, I noticed the females of the species are just barely different in color from males. The color combination of this species is very striking in person.

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