Reptiles are one of the most misunderstood groups of animals on Earth, often taken for cold, emotionless creatures. The truth is, they are not what they seem at first. For those who’ve spent enough time with these ancient animals, they are often found to be inquisitive, intelligent, and emotional at moments when least expected. Many of these animals lead complex lives in their wild habitats, where they display instincts old as time. Some are lucky enough to have lives with devoted humans who love them. However, the myths still prevail, and education is key to bringing the value of reptiles to light.

Not only do we share evolutionary ancestry with them, but their presence has permeated human cultures throughout history. Myths of creation, temptation, and adventure have reptiles as symbolic forces within them. The serpent itself represents the unknown, and both our fear and curiosity of that unknown.

My work is a blend of elements containing majestic, eye catching reptiles, fantasy & mythology, and intense colors. There is an ancient connection between humankind and reptiles, but rather than fear, it is an old wisdom flowing through it all. No matter how different, universal truths emerge when we choose to learn rather than fear.


A lifelong Florida native, Angela DeRiso grew up in Key West during the 80’s and 90’s. In 1998, she moved with her family to the west coast of central Florida, never far from sea.

In the early 2000’s she attended the Dunedin Fine Art Center, where she took classes and learned to sharpen her skills. Since then, Angela has gained considerable skill in using color pencils. With the color pencil medium, she has created a collection of work primarily featuring birds and reptiles of Florida. Her work centers around wildlife, and pets.

Angela currently lives and works in the Tampa Bay Area of Florida.

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