How I Do Product Packaging

As I’ve sold my work over the years, I’ve had to learn some aspects of product packaging that help me solidify my presentation and brand. I’ll show in a few steps how I put together my packaging for cards and prints, so you can see how its made before shipping out.


When I ship out a print or card, I want it to look professional. Putting the packaging together helps cement a consistent reputation of your product quality. Something put together in a half-assed way won’t give that much of an impression. I want the first impression to be of good quality.

business cards


The items within the packaging will be your products. In my case, cards, prints, or original artwork. However, you’ll want other things like a business card (or two so they can be shared), envelopes for cards, and the clear sleeves everything will be placed inside. You can also add freebies, such as small extra items to make their buying experience more unique.


Supplies that you’ll need will be dependent on what products you are selling. You can use bags, wrapping paper, plastic, boxes, etc. For my own uses, I use clear sleeves as most of my stuff is flat. These bags have a back flap with an adhesive strip that I close upon completing the packing.

I get my business cards done at Vista Print. is a wonderful site that offers a multitude of packaging options, and it’s where I purchase mine.

Sets vs. Singles

When making products, you can create them in matching series, or as singles. I have both for my greeting cards. Both singles and sets are contained in one package. You can make these packs as elaborate as you like, but I opt to keep it simple.

Functions – Protection / Branding

Your packaging should protect the product from the elements to some degree during shipment, but also serve as an adequate container for the time being. Branding can be established using logos, company labels, and consistent quality and style. This will set you apart from other sellers by showing what your product looks like, the quality it delivers, and the clean presentation upon arrival to your customers.

In Conclusion

Product packaging is one step to getting your products out to customers, but one that shouldn’t be overlooked. The appearance of products upon receipt can make or break a seller’s reputation. Research your options, and cement your brand by delivering something uniquely you to your customers!

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