Timelapse Videos & Tutorials

I’ve been busy filming time-lapse videos with my phone via an app called Lapse It, and really enjoying what can be done with it. It does eat up memory, and I ended having to store the video files on Google Drive because they are too big to send to my PC through email. They are well worth the trouble just to see a half an hour of work sped up to a minute or two.  Below are the two I’ve made so far.


I’m beginning to understand the importance of lighting and camera batteries as I’ve started my dive into make tutorials. I had to order a new battery (which no store near by carries) for my digital camera after the old one failed to hold any charge. Thankfully, my lighting situation is solved by having my desk set up near a window for natural daylight, and I have a decent lamp with an extendable arm. I also bought a tripod to hold my camera, and occasionally my phone, for proper filming.

Here are a few tutorials I’ve made.

I will be creating more tutorials as time goes on, as well as other video content related to my art, reptiles & the things that inspire me.

Thanks for stopping by!

Putting The Word Out

I have yet to officially publish my Patreon page, but it shouldn’t be long before it’s ready. Here is my introduction video to get you familiar with the ideas behind what I’m doing. I will post the link when ready soon. Keep your eyes on this spot.

Some Of My Favorite Artists

Before I get to some of the artists I enjoy, I wanted to let everyone know that I’m building a Patreon for my work. My goal is to provide more interactive content than I can provide with just a blog, as well as other perks that come with membership. I’m working out the details now, but I will be aiming to offer something unique for people who offer support. I will post as soon as things are ready to launch, so please keep a look out.

In the meantime, I wanted to make time to share the work of other artists that I admire. A great deal of art types has influenced me over the years, and also mystifies me in how they are created. I can’t imagine how long it must take to complete some of these pieces, but they were all well worth the effort.



Josephine Wall’s artwork is both mesmerizing and inviting in a way that draws you in to every detail. I have a calendar with her work in it, and I’m hoping to get another for next year. Not only are there a myriad of animals, but often gorgeous environments and mythical gods and goddesses.

Out of respect to the artist, I will not post images here, since I see no disclaimer stating whether or not it’s permitted.

However, Alex Ries has been one of my favorites on Deviant Art for a few years now. I absolutely love science fiction, and the artwork and concepts this artist creates are truly and wonderfully alien. Please check him out here

This amazing 3D experience was created by Android Jones. It is some of the most intricate work made using software. It’s a combination of drawing with three dimensional elements blended. It is psychedelic and spiritual in nature, so don’t be too surprised if you get a chill when watching the video. There are prints, apparel, tapestries & holograms available through his site here http://androidjones.com/


Masamune Shirow’s “Ghost in the Shell” manga will forever be one of my favorite pieces of artwork. I own most of the issues released by Dark Horse back in the 90’s. I bought them around 1996 when I was about 14, and the concepts and details of this story have stayed with me ever since. The animated movie is also another great masterpiece which sticks faithfully to the source material. I loved Shirow’s style, and cherished the few full color pages that graced each issue. The black and white illustrations are also beautiful, and even the silly slapstick moments between characters draws you in. It makes me really appreciate the artist’s humor breaking through in those scenes, especially in something of such serious subject matter. Aside from the visual end, it’s definitely the idea of redefining what it is to be human that appeals to me so much.

Related imageRelated image


I got an art book by Boris Vallejo  & his wife Julie Bell on a whim at a Barnes & Nobles many years ago, and I was quite impressed by their work. I believe they both do mostly fantasy work, and use oil paints. I love the realism and detail in the work, and the use of vibrant color. You can visit their site here http://www.borisjulie.com/

Image result for boris vallejo mermaid

Related image


Until next post, see you later.

The Serpent in Human Culture

The serpent has a long history of being a maligned creature both for it’s bite, and as a symbol of evil. Snakes, especially in the American South, are often outright killed because they are closely associated with the Devil in Biblical mythos, and sometimes for no other reason than ignorance. Even venomous species are more feared than necessary. Venom is a good reason to fear, and respect their distance. However some are actively sought out, and killed out of fear. Most snakes want little to do with humans, and when they get caught in our path it’s usually because they’re just passing through an area.


Before we became the hominid we are today, the first mammals were possom-like animals that lived in the trees of jungles. It is likely that we still retain the archetype-image of this predator in the most primal parts of our brains. An old recognition of fear passed down genetically over eons. Perhaps this is why so many people still have a fear of snakes in general. Fortunately, we have much less to fear from them now, and many have started to love the reptiles. A great deal of people now keep them as pets, study them, and even breed them for beautiful colorations.

Not all cultures have demonized snakes, and some of the more positive symbolism from ancient peoples still survives today. In the Bible, the serpent represents evil, and yet also fertility, life and healing. In Greek mythology, snakes take on the symbolism of rebirth, transformation, immortality, and healing. The ancient Greeks considered snakes sacred to Asclepius, the god of medicine. He carried a caduceus, a staff with one or two serpents wrapped around it, which has become the symbol of modern physicians.

The American snake-god was the Aztec spirit of intelligence and the wind, Quetzalcoatl (“Plumed Serpent”), who was balanced by the evil spirit of sacrifice, the Serpent of Obsidian Knives which was one of the four pillars supporting the sky. In Ancient Egypt, the cobra was believed to symbolize sovereignty, royalty, deity, and divine authority.

Native American myths from many tribes tell of wicked woman having affairs( and occasionally children) with snakes, a snake-woman who brought agriculture to the people, and the origin of snakes themselves.

It is no wonder these reptiles have had such a sordid history with humankind. One culture villifies them, while another worships them. At least now, there is a lot more we know about them, and that we can continue learning. They aren’t demons or gods, but survivors just trying to go about their days, catching a meal, finding shelter, and passing on genes.

Yellow Rat Snake
Found this guy stretched out on a sidewalk. I thought it was injured or dead, but nope. It curled around my hand, never tried to bite, and let my take a few photos. It was released back in the bushes near where I picked it up. It actually reached out for the branches, so up it went.

Here’s a great organization dedicated to the preservation of imperiled reptiles of North America to check out. Amazing photos and stories.

Orianne Society

A New Look At Reptiles

Over the last few weeks I have been working on pieces that focus more on reptiles and fantasy elements. These are only the beginning of something new.


reptiles art snake fantasy color pencil
Serpent Goddess 9″ x 12″
water dragon reptiles art fantasy colored pencil
Water Dragon & His Dryads 9″ x 12″

Prints of this piece are available for sale here at My Etsy Store


leopard gecko reptiles art fantasy colored pencil
Leopard Flies 9″ x 12″


bearded dragon reptiles art fantasy colored pencil
Cosmic Dragon 9″ x 12″


I will have more prints done up and listed for sale on my Etsy store in coming weeks. I will return with more work and content soon. Thank you.



Current Exhibit & New Pieces

I recently had several of my pieces put on display at a local library in my area. The beginning of July was when I dropped them off to be hung, and the exhibit ends at the end of August. I’m putting more effort into having my work displayed locally when I can. I’ve frequented this library alot, since I’m an avid reader of science fiction, and other related things.

Safety Harbor Library Exhibit 2
Safety Harbor Library Exhibit 2
Safety Harbor Library Exhibit
Safety Harbor Library Exhibit


I’ve also maintained my work on other pieces of native wildlife in my Florida neighborhood. If you keep up with my instagram account, you’ll have seen these already. I will be adding them to the portfolio page of this site.


Blue Jay's Mangoes 11" x 14"
Blue Jay’s Mangoes
11″ x 14″

Growing up in the Florida Keys, I’d never seen them before. I was fascinated with them when I first moved to the Tampa Bay area. Like many songbirds, they are nearly acrobatic in flight, and happily raid bird feeders. They are bold enough to drive away other birds from food. They also are the first to call out a perched bird of prey, often mobbing the individual until they leave. They carry a wide array of calls, even adding some mimicry to the vocabulary. They can go from loud piercing metallic calls to low peeping chatter.

I purposely kept this minimalist, to remain focused on my subject and the flora I wanted to include. The brightness of a Blue Jay’s plumage is often overlooked, and I wanted to highlight that. Along with the tropical nature of Florida, I decided to at the foliage and fruit of the mango tree.


Florida Softshell Turtle 11" x 14"
Florida Softshell Turtle
11″ x 14″

Instead of the hard shell most turtles possess, the softshell has a thick leathery covering upon its back. This reptile also has smooth skin on its head and extremities. Almost doesn’t look like a turtle. I’ve spotted (and rescued off the road) some of these several times. In freshwater ponds, they tend to stay hidden in the murk until they smell or see something worthy of investigation. It’s hard for me not to think them wise when I see them raise just their eyes above water to look my way. They watch and wait. Suppose they have to, since they are fair game for gators and people who like to cook and eat them.

I tried to add a brightness with my choice of colors for this piece, especially in the background. Most photos and the overall environment of these turtles tends to be very drab in color, and would wash out some of the mood and detail I wanted to keep.


Turtle Poker 14" x 17"
Turtle Poker
14″ x 17″

Based on a photo of several wild freshwater turtles I’d taken a few years back. All of these turtles are Red Eared Sliders, with the turtle on the upper left being an old male who’s colors have faded with age. I had been cheating in a way, in order to get these photos. I was feeding them so I could  get closer shots of them, and see the different patterns/stripes on each of their heads. Most of their shells were covered with algae. I couldn’t help but notice after looking at the photos I’d gotten, that they all seemed at one point to just sit and stare at each other between the time I threw more food. As if assessing which of them was more prepared to fight for the next morsels. Thus, the title “Turtle Poker” came about.

As with the above piece, I brightened some colors in the environment, and added upon that by adding lily pads.


Green Seaturtles 9" x 12"
Green Seaturtles
9″ x 12″

A simple piece on tan pastel paper. No background, but the light, mid-tones, and shadows came out beautifully on this color of paper.


Hawksbill At Surface 9" x 12"
Hawksbill At Surface
9″ x 12″

Based on a photo reference found online. Great for practice with reflective water surfaces, and I was happy with the final product.


So much to do, but seems like there’s not enough time and energy to do it all. Be back soon.



Blank Canvases Painted

I posted some time back about a bunch of new canvases I had drawn designs on, and now they have been finished. I had another festival event last night, but no sales. However, I am learner to improve my table set up and preparing to get a tent and lights for other events.

In the meantime, here are all the new pieces.

Manatee Pair #2 11
Manatee Pair #2
11″ x 14″
Leopard Dolphins 11
Leopard Dolphins
11″ x 14″
(Interesting pattern lends itself to the name.)
Hammerhead Shark #4 11
Hammerhead Shark #4
11″ x 14″
Octopus #4 12
Octopus #4
12″ x 16″
Octopus #5 12
Octopus #5
12″ x 16″
Seahorse Duet 12
Seahorse Duet
12″ x 16″
(My Mom’s favorite piece so far)
Manta Ray & Remora Fish 12
Manta Ray & Remora Fish
12″ x 16″

I have yet to paint the dragons I have on two other canvases, and I have some more realistic paintings I’m working on for a rabbit rescue organization in my area. I had several people ask me about painting their dogs, so that may be another avenue I will be working with as I get more canvases.

I will post again soon. Thanks for reading!

New work & Instagram

Sorry for the long wait between posts. I had to deal with the death of my Grandmother a few weeks back, and a lot has been going on after that. I will dedicate a post to her soon. I’m just not ready yet. Have to get everything written down for it.

In the meantime, I did get myself an Instagram account to spread my work out in the world. You can find me at the screen name “angela_deriso“. If you want updated art on the go, that’s where I’ll be posting it.

I’ve been working on some new pieces on canvases ranging from 11″ x 14″ to 12″ x 16”, and larger. Here are a few unpainted but drawn designs I have going at the moment.

Octopus frontal pose
Octopus frontal pose
A seahorse pair
A seahorse pair
Octopus side pose
Octopus side pose
Manta Ray. Remora fish were added later.
Manta Ray. Remora fish were added later.
Moray Eels- Flotsom & Jettsom
Moray Eels- Flotsom & Jettsom


And since I had extra canvases… Dragons. 😀 I’m excited to see how they’ll turn out.



I also ended up making a gift of one of my paintings to my brother. He has loved my previous octopi paintings, so I sent him one in secret! He loved it, and called me just to say so. Definitely going to be trying this color scheme with a few other octopi.



I have been working on all of these in the last week, and my wrist has been twinging. Went and got a wrist wrap-thing to help. Only problem is that I can’t wear it to do the work. It restricts mobility somewhat.

More finished paintings will be posted soon.


I forgot this one was done.

Seaturtle with Jellies 16" x 20"
Seaturtle with Jellies
16″ x 20″







Keel Billed Toucan Painting

Tried something new in my painting. Instead of doing my usual tribal style, I decided to attempt something that would help sharpen my realism skill level. Here are the process photos.

Early stage. I had laid down flat base colors and was working on the foliage in the background.
Early stage. I had laid down flat base colors and was working on the foliage in the background.
Starting to add more definition to foliage. Some highlights to the toucan as well.
Starting to add more definition to foliage. Some highlights to the toucan as well.
More work on the foliage highlights, and work on the toucan's beak. Adjusting some shades of the bird's yellow chest.
More work on the foliage highlights, and work on the toucan’s beak. Adjusting some shades of the bird’s yellow chest.
Nearly done. More work on foliage highlights and shadows. More overall highlighting on the toucan's body.
Nearly done. More work on foliage highlights and shadows. More overall highlighting on the toucan’s body.
Finally done, after adding some dark blue for shadows in the foliage, and finishing final toucan colors.
Finally done, after adding some dark blue for shadows in the foliage, and finishing final toucan colors.

I’m pretty happy with how this 12″ x 16″ turned out. Nice and colorful while still reflecting accurate colors/shades of the toucan. The background was done from scratch with no reference.

Last Week’s Event & More Site Updates

Last week’s 3rd Friday went well again, though the turnout was a bit less on account of rainy weather. Sold about half my stuff, and still made decent cash. Instead of going nuts with the small canvases each month, I’m planning to have other products with artwork printed on them for each event, and to expand my overall base of sales. Going to try small quantities at first to see how each product type does.

In the meantime, here are photos from that evening. They are a bit low quality due to glare and my phone.

My table setup
My table setup
Bunch of canvases.
Bunch of canvases.
Card sets.
Card sets.

I have also done some updating to the pages on the site. The Pricing & Shipping page now has information for the canvas paintings, commissions, shipping, etc. The Portfolio page has been edited to reflect my best paintings, and a new page (Color Pencil) has been added for information and examples of my color pencil work.

I have to get busy painting, and figuring out the other products, costs, etc.

I’ll post again soon. Thanks,