Hello to all who may find their way here. I am Angela, and I also happen to be an artist. I work in colored pencils for illustrations, and polymer clay for my sculptures. Thus the name “Pencils and Clay”.

I have been creative since the age of five, and now at 28, I am trying to become a self employed artist. I know the road is hard, but I believe that I should be what I am and do what I seem to have the best skills at. I’m actually tired of trying to be anything else, because it just doesn’t seem to work out very well.

I will be posting more about the processes of my work, materials involved, and much more soon. This is just the first short introductory entry, so hardly the last. 🙂

If I have peaked your interest in what I do, please visit

Thank you for visiting and feel free to stay tuned!

~ Angela DeRiso

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