New Color Pencil Works, and Recent Commission

I’ve been working with color pencils alot lately, basically amping up my portfolio, and to add new listings to my Etsy shop. Most of it is wildlife oriented, while I did have a recent fantasy themed commission in the last two months.

The commission was for a wedding gift, couple-themed. I worked with the client, doing several loose sketches before we decided which he wanted, and then sculpting began. The concept was of a dragon kissing a bunny coming out of a top hat. I had everything sculpted, but hit a snag when the dragon’s neck drooped a little to far down during baking. That meant re-sculpting the top hat, and making a base for the dragon so that the dragon and bunny met nose to nose.  I came up with the idea to create a flower design as a base for both instead, and okayed it with the client. I sculpted the top hat inside the center of the flower, and made one petal thicker to hold the weight of the dragon and also have him at the right height to meet the bunny properly.

d-b comm

After a few weeks of sculpting, and then completing the paint job, this was the final result. My client was very pleased with how it turned out, and I was happy to take the challenge and create a great gift.

The color pencils works are recent, and I plan to have small prints and cards made from them. I will update here when they become available.

“Mallard Colors”



“Basking Yellowbelly”

Basking Yellow Belly-sml


“Gem Among Water Weeds”


gem-among-water-weeds sml


“Young Eastern Box Turtle”

young EBT-sml


“Cuban Treefrog”


I am working on more pieces currently, such as Poison Dart Frogs, and more birds.

I have plans to expand my shop, so keep an eye on it if you’re interested. 😉


~ Angela


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