Dolphin Touch – Color Process

Here’s a little look at the process of laying down colors in a colored pencil artwork step by step.

Step 1.  For establishing light and dark, I use Indigo Blue for shadows, and White for the brightest areas.



Step 2.  The Cream pencil is used to shade in the under belly areas on the dolphins. The Black pencil is used to touch up some of the darker spots on the body.



Step 3.  More colors are added, including grays, blues, and two shades of pink-lavendar colors to accentuate the water reflections.



After the background was finished, and occasionally using the colorless blender pencil, this is the finished piece.


8″ x 10″ Prints of this piece and others are available in my shop here

Thanks for reading/ lookin. 🙂

~ Angela


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