Changes for the Better

Hello everyone. I have been busy working on improving my marketing skills, and making plans to work toward becoming a full time artist.

I bought and read Guerrilla Marketing for Artists by Barney Davey, and I highly recommend it for other artists want to improve their marketing both online and locally. I had no idea what I was doing, or what I should do to get my art out there to potential buyers. This book gives you a myriad of options and techniques to make that happen.

I will now be offering more than just posts on my works in progress, and have more variety for my readers. I’ve also learned to refine my subject and pinpoint what the most recognizable traits of my art are. I have a better plan of action to tackle my ambition now, and I believe I can do it.

I have bought the domain name, and set up a more professional email, and I’ve got some marketing materials being printed via VistaPrint. In the future, a newsletter will be designed and sent to those who choose to subscribe to it.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on some new pieces to add to my portfolio, and reorganizing to choose my very best pieces. I recently went through a set of very old pieces from my teens when I first started getting serious about art. Brought back memories.

I also made a sale last week. The matching sea turtle set has been sold! 😀

Featured image

I will be updating more on this blog weekly, so keep reading!

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