Dart Frog Collection

It’s only November but Xmas is around the corner, and I have it in mind to offer some items for a Holiday Sale. Mostly concerning smaller artworks, both finished or yet to be commissioned. I’m going to start with a collection I’ve had on hand since 2013.

I did a series of drawings of a few very colorful Poison Dart Frog species on small pieces of pastel paper. They are signed by me, ad dated by year, and the species name is listed on the back of each drawing. They aren’t framed, but don’t let that deter you from taking any of them home. These frogs are charming, and I’m only asking $40.00 for each piece. If you buy multiple piece, I will give a discount of 20%.

They are currently in clear plastic sleeves to protect them until you find a frame for them.

Here are some photos of the set, and closeups.

dartfrog collection

dart1 dart2 dart3 dart4dart-greenblack

The measurements are roughly 6.5″ x 9″ for each piece.

If they require shipping, those charges will apply. They will be shipped in a non-bendable mailer with padding to protect them during shipment.

I have other items I will be listing for sale during this Holiday season, so please check back for more! Don’t hesitate to send an email!

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