Site Updates & Prepping For Event

I have been so busy painting like a machine this month for an upcoming event. I had several sets of cards printed of my new paintings, and I’ve been packaging some original drawings for sale as well. Only recently finished. I also had a decent job interview with a paint & sip place that’s going to be opening locally. If all goes well, I’m hoping I’ll be one of the art instructors there.

I just updated the pricing/shipping page to include specs for acrylic paintings. I still love my colored pencil work, but the paintings seem to be the better sellers at this point.

I only have a few things left to get for the event. I’m hoping we don’t get rained out, since it has been very stormy this week.

Here are some photos of the stuff I have ready.

Original color pencil drawing similarly styled to match my paintings.

DSC05087 hammerhead2 hammerhead-shark octo1 octo2DSC05115

Okay, that’s it for a quick update.  If you want to see me, or buy anything you see here, my table will be in front of Cafe Orlando on Main St. in Safety Harbor on Friday (July 17th-this coming week) from 4pm-10pm. See you there!

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