New Finished Pieces

Between having a full time job, and finding time to do art related things, I am including some previously finished works that I didn’t have time to post earlier.

I have also updated my gallery to include some newer pieces, and added a new header image for the blog.

Whenever I’m late to update the blog, check me out over on Instagram under the screen name Angela DeRiso. I usually let people know what’s going on and post new images.

Here are the latest pieces.

“Lily” is a piece done of my own rabbit. She is a stray from my neighborhood that I took in. I believe she was dumped by previous owners when they decided not to care for her anymore. Now she’s a spoiled house rabbit. I suggest for anyone interested in proper rabbit care.


Lily  11″ x 14″


Disapproving Rabbit  11″ x 14″

The second piece was done as a contribution for the local rabbit rescue that helped me with catching and getting supplies for Lily.

After completing this piece, I’m leaning towards painting more realistic pieces. I have several ideas in mind for what to try out next. Maybe some turtle portraits are next…

~ Angela


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