Craft Art 2014 Festival Photos

Last Sunday I drove down to St. Pete, Florida to walk around this year’s Craft Art event. There were plenty of artists and vendors there, and much to look at. As an artist myself, it inspires my own creative energies to see the amazing work of other people. Going to events like these is very good for any artist just to open his/her mind to different forms of expression and possibilities therein.

I photographed most of the stuff that drew me in, and I did manage to get a few cards with information on some of the artists. I will include their websites and names with the photos of their respective works.

This has to be my favorite artist at the festival. I absolutely love the organic, alien look of his work. The colors and shapes go together so well, and you can definitely see where he does derive inspiration from nature. My first impressions are of coral reefs and very strange plants. The textures also give something very satisfying to the finished pieces.

For more of his work go to:

William Kidd –

alien-org1 alien-org2 alien-org3 alien-org4 alien-org5

Here is an artist who specializes in flowers, orchids, and more made of clay and wire. Some of the pieces were extremely small, and very skillfully hand made. He even made tiny cakes, and flower boxes. There were much larger pieces located at the back of the booth, and all looked very life-like.

Unfortunately, his web address isn’t working, but I do have his email.

Kevin J. –

claycakes clayflowers1 clayflowers2 clayflowers3

There was a lot of pottery at this event, but this artist caught my eye because of the style and subject. I am partial to birds, and many of them appear in her work along with many other animals. I really liked her garden totems.

Laurie Landry –

totempottery totempottery2 totempottery3

The rest of my photos were pretty random, and things were pretty crowded, so I didn’t get the name and info of every artist. The work is fantastic nonetheless. Enjoy the rest of the art!

Cute whimsical sculptures.
Dragon bookends.
Cute Owl sculpture
Art Lamps
Giant Flower made from palm seed pods, and lacquer.
giant flowers
More big flowers
Giant bird of paradise pieces
Gazelle with many beads, and founds objects added.
horned things
More horned things.
Yellow Dog with found objects added.
Big iguana made with beads
Murals, driftwood, and sea creatures made from metal.
Metal fish pieces.
Tile mural.
Stained glass art.
More stained glass.
Girl riding a stick-crow.
Wildlife art and prints featuring birds and reptiles.
More work from the same artist.

Okay, that’s all for now!

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  1. I am now the proud owner of the yellow lady slippers that you see in the middle of the advertisement pictures. You would not believe how beautiful and lifelike those orchids are! Diane Seidemann

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